Portrait of american actress Emily Osment commissioned for the front cover of the first ever edition of Teenbook (sister magazine to Sketchbook). This was one of my ideas…  By Lucy Evans

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Lauren Crow – Popshot Magazine ‘Love’ Edition

Along with Mr Ben Brooks I had the pleasure of being involved with the latest edition of Popshot Magazine. I was asked to produce the portraits to go alongside the interviews featured. Get yourself a copy and maybe a subscription – I’ll be back with some more for issue 7…

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There are few better ways to start an illustrator’s day than with a cup of coffee, a bacon sandwich, walking in some late London summer sun… and seeing Quentin Blake moor up in a tug boat with a giant red pencil and draw a brand new picture . And that’s exactly how it went when Paper Jukebox took part in the really quite wonderful The Big Draw’s Big Splash.

The day was dedicated to serenading drawing with a variety of different activities for visitors- children, adults, those who loved drawing and even some who hated it (we swiftly changed their minds). As volunteers, Paper Jukebox donned our rather fetching matching tee shirts and encouraged visitors to take part in ventures such as sketching trips on boats, life drawing with pirates and customising little matchboxes- as well as enjoying said activities ourselves! In addition to helping out with the event, we also had the priveledge of being able to hear talks from distinguished illustrators such as John Berger and Karrie Fransman, giving an insight into their work and passing on words of advice. Phewph!

And after an inspiring, jam-packed, paint-splattered occasion, what better way to end an illustrator’s day than going to the pub and downing a… no, I’m joking. We all went home early and made our mums tea.


(Oh and also a big thank you to the organisers for letting us all take part, and a cheery well done for all the other volunteers!)

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Finn O’Brien – London Town

Finn O'Brien Paper Jukebox collective London BuildingLatest screen print (edition of 10) inspired by the architecture of London and its forgotten heritage in the new age. The way that the old London is being absorbed and changed by society into a false impression suitable for a current market.

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Popshot Issue 6. ‘Making Tracks’

Recent work by Ben Brooks can be seen in Issue 6 (The Love Issue) of POPSHOT MAGAZINE (www.popshotpopshot.com).

“I got a call awhile ago asking if i wanted to take part in the magazine, and jumped at the chance! Literally attacked it. Im was already a big fan of the magazine, so being asked to take part was a real honor. I was then given a poem to illustrate, entitled ‘Making Tracks’ by Sean Chard. It was great to work from, as it created some subtle, yet powerful visuals, which i felt translated well through my own work. I also had a lot of freedom, which every illustrator loves!”

So if you haven’t already, check it out and subscribe at www.popshotpopshot.com/magazine.html

Making Tracks

Tired, like countless times in the past,

With nothing left but unpleasant silence

in orbit around us – bored and

loitering for months.

We wait on abandoned platforms,

blistering and staring at clumps of dead grass.

No train but the tracks click all the same;

unsteady heat rises from iron lines.

Dust is captured in sunlight’s fever –

disturbed by the ground’s inflamed surface.

Paint peels from the waiting-room door

and inside a stale horde of ghosts reverberate.

We stand at the white lined edge of the platform

And like sleepers in-between the hard grey rocks,

we are the same but different – bolted to the ground.

The breeze moves an empty cardboard coffee cup

to rest up against the tracks and like a stuck record

it taps, jumps and replays the tap – a fitting motif.

We have waited here so many times before;

invisible trains rattled past us, their gusts pushed us back.

Too afraid to cross the line and unable to see

our new destinations, we stood for nothing.

But today we are where we need to be,

We are done and we are undone. End of the line.

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Finn O’Brien – Krept Music Video

Latest commission; promotional material for the newest Krept music video Paranormal Acivity 2. Directed by Oliver Whitehouse

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Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Book Illustration

Written 100 years ago the book portrays the struggle and hardship of the British working class as they battle class oppression, hunger, and isolation, whilst trying to raise a family and pay the rent. On the face of it not a million laughs. However the book is a classic and marks the rise of Socialism in England as it picks apart the floors in the then and current Capitalist system.
My work aims to take these issues and relate them to a contemporary audience, using the themes of isolation and social division throughout the series…

Finn O'BrienFinn O'BrienFinn O'Brien Robert TressellFinn O'Brien Robert TressellFinn O'Brien Robert Tressell

The work is all hand produced with no digital trickery. I wanted to get back to the days when the book was set (1914). The work shows the harsh raw circumstances and the struggle people faced at the time, many looking for jobs building or decorating houses to get a small wage, which is reflected in the way which the imagery was produced; using rollers, white household paint and wall paper as the basis of the work.

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Beach hut art sale

On a sunny Sunday we managed to combine lying on the beach with selling art work! The perfect plan.
We had a great response from the public and arts council, so hopefully will be doing more soon…



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New site up and running! Check it out!


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