Finn O’Brien

Finn O'Brien Spider Trap

Taking some old imagery and making something new. Disturbing and sexy…



Latest screen print (edition of 10) inspired by the architecture of London and its forgotten heritage in the new age. The way that the old London is being absorbed and changed by society into a false impression suitable for a current market.


Recent commission to produce a poster for the new music video for Krept Paranormal Activity 2. Directed by Oliver Whitehouse


Finn O'BrienFinn O'Brienplaying with shapes and bodies, distorting the two into new minimal scenes…


3 Responses to Finn O’Brien

  1. Jacob says:

    I saw some of your images at the big collab a few weeks ago and wondered if any of them were for sale??
    Many thanks


    • Hi Jacob,

      How did you find the Big Colab? Its was a busy day for us, I was drawing with mild sunstroke I think!!!
      Yes a lot of work is available to purchase, did you have a piece in particular?



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