There are few better ways to start an illustrator’s day than with a cup of coffee, a bacon sandwich, walking in some late London summer sun… and seeing Quentin Blake moor up in a tug boat with a giant red pencil and draw a brand new picture . And that’s exactly how it went when Paper Jukebox took part in the really quite wonderful The Big Draw’s Big Splash.

The day was dedicated to serenading drawing with a variety of different activities for visitors- children, adults, those who loved drawing and even some who hated it (we swiftly changed their minds). As volunteers, Paper Jukebox donned our rather fetching matching tee shirts and encouraged visitors to take part in ventures such as sketching trips on boats, life drawing with pirates and customising little matchboxes- as well as enjoying said activities ourselves! In addition to helping out with the event, we also had the priveledge of being able to hear talks from distinguished illustrators such as John Berger and Karrie Fransman, giving an insight into their work and passing on words of advice. Phewph!

And after an inspiring, jam-packed, paint-splattered occasion, what better way to end an illustrator’s day than going to the pub and downing a… no, I’m joking. We all went home early and made our mums tea.


(Oh and also a big thank you to the organisers for letting us all take part, and a cheery well done for all the other volunteers!)


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