Popshot Issue 6. ‘Making Tracks’

Recent work by Ben Brooks can be seen in Issue 6 (The Love Issue) of POPSHOT MAGAZINE (www.popshotpopshot.com).

“I got a call awhile ago asking if i wanted to take part in the magazine, and jumped at the chance! Literally attacked it. Im was already a big fan of the magazine, so being asked to take part was a real honor. I was then given a poem to illustrate, entitled ‘Making Tracks’ by Sean Chard. It was great to work from, as it created some subtle, yet powerful visuals, which i felt translated well through my own work. I also had a lot of freedom, which every illustrator loves!”

So if you haven’t already, check it out and subscribe at www.popshotpopshot.com/magazine.html

Making Tracks

Tired, like countless times in the past,

With nothing left but unpleasant silence

in orbit around us – bored and

loitering for months.

We wait on abandoned platforms,

blistering and staring at clumps of dead grass.

No train but the tracks click all the same;

unsteady heat rises from iron lines.

Dust is captured in sunlight’s fever –

disturbed by the ground’s inflamed surface.

Paint peels from the waiting-room door

and inside a stale horde of ghosts reverberate.

We stand at the white lined edge of the platform

And like sleepers in-between the hard grey rocks,

we are the same but different – bolted to the ground.

The breeze moves an empty cardboard coffee cup

to rest up against the tracks and like a stuck record

it taps, jumps and replays the tap – a fitting motif.

We have waited here so many times before;

invisible trains rattled past us, their gusts pushed us back.

Too afraid to cross the line and unable to see

our new destinations, we stood for nothing.

But today we are where we need to be,

We are done and we are undone. End of the line.


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