Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Book Illustration

Written 100 years ago the book portrays the struggle and hardship of the British working class as they battle class oppression, hunger, and isolation, whilst trying to raise a family and pay the rent. On the face of it not a million laughs. However the book is a classic and marks the rise of Socialism in England as it picks apart the floors in the then and current Capitalist system.
My work aims to take these issues and relate them to a contemporary audience, using the themes of isolation and social division throughout the series…

Finn O'BrienFinn O'BrienFinn O'Brien Robert TressellFinn O'Brien Robert TressellFinn O'Brien Robert Tressell

The work is all hand produced with no digital trickery. I wanted to get back to the days when the book was set (1914). The work shows the harsh raw circumstances and the struggle people faced at the time, many looking for jobs building or decorating houses to get a small wage, which is reflected in the way which the imagery was produced; using rollers, white household paint and wall paper as the basis of the work.


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